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Caring for your Phalaenopsis Orchid (Click the image to the left to view instructional pdf)

Known as the “Moth Orchid” due to its resemblance to some tropical moths, Phalaenopsis orchid blooms can last 2-3 months. They are native to the Asiatic tropics, India, Indonesia, and the Philippine Islands.

WATERING: In general, water every 7-10 days. When orchid media is dry to the touch, thoroughly drench the media, drain, and do not water again until dry. Never let the orchid sit in water. If watering an orchid arrangement, either remove the orchids one at a time and water them individually or keep them all in the basket, water them, and let drain. Make sure not to set the basket/moss pot on any surface that could stain before the container is completely dry.

LIGHT: Bright, indirect or filtered sunlight. Never expose the leaves to direct sunlight.

CONTINUING CARE: Mature plants can flower up to twice a year. When the last remaining flower has fallen off, cut the flower spike off at the base of the plant. Move the orchid to an outdoor location where it will receive some filtered sunlight. Continue the same watering method as above and fertilize every other time you water. Be careful not to let your Phalaenopsis get over-watered by summer rain.

ADDITIONAL CARE: Talk to them (no politics).