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Our Roots

Ginny's design style grew from a privileged childhood which exposed her to elegant interiors and impressive architecture. From those roots Ginny's business started more than 20 years ago with a small stand at the Winter Park Farmer's Market.

In the early days a busy Saturday would result in sales of only a dozen plants, but the key was that each orchid was exquisite and perfect for what the client desired. The quality of the blooms and the details of the presentation were unmatched.

For Ginny, orchids symbolize the creation of an ideal and enriched environment. Her inspiring story is truly a case of starting out small and working very hard with a focus to get to the top. Sometimes that meant putting her kids in a stroller and taking them to the Saturday farmers market events where Ginny started the weekend.

Ginny's attention to detail and demand for top quality for her customers have formed the basis of her design sensibility. She has maintained her trademark consistency of vision and today has a global business with a charming shop, a long list of notable friends and corporate clients, and her orchids gracing the most beautiful homes in Central Florida. Her loyal customers clamor for her one-of-a-kind creations distinguished by that "little something extra" only she can add.